Jan 25, 2016

Azure web app won't download my file because of the mimetype

If you have a non-standard file without a common mimetype (eg. dwg files for AutoCAD), Azure Web App sites won't serve them and instead give a 404 error.

This is a policy decision dating back to IIS 6.0.

The fix is simply adding the unknown mimetype to the web.config for the Azure Web App: https://www.iis.net/configreference/system.webserver/staticcontent/mimemap

For example:

         <mimeMap fileExtension=".dwg" mimeType="application/acad" />

Broken connection between Jetpack and Wordpress.com

I had a problem with another blog I maintain in a hosted WordPress installation that uses the Jetpack plugin for statistics and other services.  Upon upgrading some modules, the Jetpack plugin lost the connection to Wordpress.com and restoring the database didn't help.  I didn't know the username or email associated with the WordPress.com account and panic began to set in.

In desperation, I contacted Wordpress support and they informed me that I could simply create a new Wordpress.com account and if I connect it to the same domain, all the site information would be maintained, as all data is stored with the domain identity.

It worked like a charm!  Phew!!