Jun 17, 2014

How to change your display language in SharePoint Online / Office 365 / OneDrive

There are three settings which affect the display language in SharePoint Online.  Here is the order of preference from highest to lowest:
  1. The user language preferences in a SharePoint Online user profile
  2. The browser language preferences in FireFox or Internet Explorer
  3. The language settings for a particular site.
 In order for a language to be selected, it must be activated in:
  • Browser language preferences
  • Site language settings

Setting the user language preferences in SharePoint Online is optional.  In addition, SharePoint Online can take several minutes to update the changes to the User Profile language preferences.

  1. User profile preferences: DE
  2. Browser preferences: ES,EN,DE
  3. Site language settings: ES, DE
The language displayed would be DE (German) because it is the first and only language available in the User Profile.

Another example:
  1. User profile preferences: ES,EN
  2. Browser preferences: EN,ES
  3. Site language settings: EN
The language displayed would be EN (English) because it is the only language available in the site.


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  4. Thanks for this impressive information! May I ask question? how can I set my collection site to be flexible in order to let users to choose any language they want

    1. Unfortunately, languages are activated at the site level, not the site collection level. So for each new site, you would have to activate all the languages your users need.