Feb 3, 2014

Problems configuring SharePoint 2013 on Windows Server 2012

Problems I ran into configuring SharePoint 2013 on Windows Server 2012:

1. Prequisite installer gets stuck in reboot loop configuring the server roles

 Solution: Install the prerequisites manually.  Note that AppFabric must be specially installed and configured by the prerequisites installer.

2. An app won't deploy from Visual Studio 2013

  Solution: Configure everything necesarry for local app deployment, including an entry in your DNS or hosts file for "apps.mydomain.local".

3. Deploying sandbox features with activation events gives error "An unknown exception occurred while executing a sandboxed code solution request in the worker process."

  Solution: Don't install SharePoint 2013 on a domain controller.  If you must because you have an all-in-one dev box, activate Verbose trace log level for the SharePoint Foundation > Sandboxed Code Service, restart IIS and the  SharePoint User Code Host service.  Problem solved.


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