Jan 25, 2010

Problems with infopath forms and workflows

Many times you'll get errors (This form cannot be opened. It is not workflow enabled. Or: The form was closed.) while using Infopath forms for association, initiation or modification in a Visual Studio workflow.

Here's a troubleshooting checklist:
  1. The form is web-enabled.
  2. The security level is "domain".
  3. You have published the form to your Visual Studio project folder, not simply copied or saved as. And you have left blank the file path for alternate access to the form in the Publishing wizard.
  4. The form URN is in the correct tag in the workflow.xml file.
  5. The workflow attribute "AssociationUrl" is set to "_layouts/CstWrkflIP.aspx" in the workflow.xml file.
  6. The form has an ElementFile entry in the feature.xml file.
  7. If you're using a WSP to deploy your workflow, be sure the form is included in the manifest.xml file.
If you're still having trouble, use these tools to find your problem:
  1. Check out Central Administration > Application Management > Manage Form Templates to see the status of the form.
  2. Run the command "stsadm -o verifyformtemplate -filename formname.xsn" to check for generic form problems.
  3. Review the Sharepoint logs in the 12 hive.

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