Apr 20, 2009

Error 403 Forbidden and Event ID 1314

We had a Smartpart in Sharepoint that contains a usercontrol which uses the AjaxControlToolkit.dll located in the bin folder. After an IISRESET, normal users couldn't access any page which used this DLL unless an administrator connected to the page first. The Windows Event Viewer would record "An unhandled access exception has occurred" with Event ID 1314 for every failed page view.

I got the solution from this post: http://objectmix.com/sharepoint/298556-users-receive-intermittent-forbidden-errors-event-id-1314-a-3.html

Using "Process Monitor" from Microsoft which logs all file and registry accesses I could see an "Access Denied" event for AjaxControlToolkit.dll.

The two solutions which occured to me were:
1. Give "Authenticated Users" read and execute permissions on the AjaxControlToolkit.dll.
2. Move the AjaxControlToolkit.dll to the GAC.

Hope this helps someone.

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